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Extension Visa

Extension Visa

An extension visa is an official document that allows an individual to stay in the US for a particular duration beyond the mentioned time frame on their original visa.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team in business visas is responsible for assisting companies throughout the entire process, from obtaining the right permits and visas to ensuring proper compliance throughout the term of the visa.

Great Support

Professionals takes care of a variety of tasks, including making sure that the right documents are submitted on time, that fees are paid correctly and on schedule, and following all applicable laws in the host country.

Government Certified

Spectrum VLG is a Government Certified visa immigration service that focuses on providing superior customer service. Our experienced professionals are committed to helping you obtain visa approvals and other immigration-related documents in a timely manner.

Extension Visa Criteria and Conditions

There are various eligibility criteria and conditions in order to apply for an extension visa. The individual should have entered the US with a valid visa, should be competent enough to finance for the entire course of their stay, and should also be able to demonstrate that they are not a threat to public safety or law enforcement.

  • An extension visa requires proof of a valid financial statement
  • It is important to keep in mind that visa requirements vary from country to country
  • The application process is usually relatively straightforward and can be completed quickly

Extension visas are a great way to stay in a country longer than your visa allows. They offer numerous benefits, including the affordability of the application process and the flexibility to apply for a new visa during your stay. Furthermore, they can be obtained relatively quickly and easily. If you are planning a trip to a foreign country and want to stay longer, an extension visa might be just what you need.

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